Sunday, November 6, 2011

More new faces!

Meet the other half of our wonderful CES missionaries--Sister Cooper! Thank you to the star interviewer Katie Dempsey. Without further ado...


          Sister Janet Cooper, born in California on July 1st, 1938, grew up with her brother and three sisters. She was baptized at eight years old in Santa Clara before moving to Utah. She went to college at Sequoias in California, received her BA from San Jose State, and then moved on to complete grad work in botany at BYU and in Arizona State. The thing she misses most about home is the people, but she loves Seattle for its environment: it is very green, and is full of beautiful scenery. She and her family love to gather and sing together whenever she is home, and when she is away she loves to listen to the words of the apostles. She cannot choose a favorite, because they are all her favorites Out of the entire year, her favorite day is the longest day, right at the beginning of summer. Still, she loves Thanksgiving in the Fall, and the vanilla ice cream that comes with it.

**Sister Cooper is like the grandmother we all wish we could have. She has a very kind and gentle demeanor and when she talks you feel like she has the most wisdom a human could possibly have. We are so blessed to have her at the institute! If you have not met Sister Cooper, you need to re-evaluate this coming weeks schedule to do that!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Hot chocolate. Toasted marshmallows. And of course, savory chicken soup. In this transitional phase from autumn to winter, it is undoubtedly getting colder and colder, but I am glad that I can go home in the evening to one of these small mood-boosting delights of life. Likewise, I see institute as one big bowl of chicken soup or one huge toasted marshmallow, a place where I can warm my soul from the stress of school, and maybe even the greater stress that comes from other aspects of life. I am grateful for  institute and the people there- they constantly remind me of the gratitude I have for our Heavenly Father's love and his creations, including something as simple as hot chocolate.