Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting Better Everyday

This week in institute we received the an assignment for our final exam on the teachings of Brigham Young. In it we were encouraged to find eight quotes from our readings of his teaching that have inspired us and helped us to want to become better. As I took the time to think and reflect on that prompt I really was impressed by the principle of eternal progression illustrated in this quote
 " If you say that you want mysteries, commandments, and revelations, I reply that scarcely a Sabbath passes over your head, those of you who come here, without your having the revelations of Jesus Christ poured upon you like water on the ground."
As I thought about that I remembered many of the things that I have been taught while listening in church, or in institute, and how it was something that I had never even thought about previously. But the best part is that the same thing can happen every single day if I keep applying the things that I learn and becoming better every day. I know that through the power of Jesus Christ that is possible and that thanks to him one day I can be my very best self.

-Ryan Larsen