Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great Expectations

Last Saturday, approximately 50 teenagers gathered at the institute for the annual Great Expectations event. This year's theme was inspired by President's Monson's announcement about the lowered age requirement for missionary service. The event started with a video by President Monson and some remarks by Institute Director Todd Knowles. It continued in a moment of epic proportions, 19 return missionaries and 6 current missionaries entered the gym singing Called to Serve and a question and answer immediately following. With several institute students leading, the teens broke into groups and went into the community. The goal was to engage strangers in brief conversations and give them a small gift that would brighten their day. After debriefing, the group broke into workshops that were led by institute students. The event was great for all involved. It was wonderful to associate with future missionaries and to see institute students lead these marvelous youth.

Below is the video of 25 young adults singing Called to Serve.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Sing the Song of Redeeming Love"

I love Institute!  I am strengthened as I learn from the testimonies and examples of those attending class with me.  Their goodness reflects the Saviour's light and illuminates me.  I become so excited about the gospel that I often do not know how to express what I am feeling inside.  

This is why being a part of the Institute Choir has been a great blessing for me.  Through music, I am able to share my testimony in a way not limited to words alone, but truly convey the tender feelings of my heart.  No wonder those illuminated with the Gospel of Jesus Christ feel to "sing the song of redeeming love."  

Weekly as I participate in Choir, I am able to feel with greater magnitude of my Saviour's love for me and to express to Him what I feel inside because of the Spirit and our Saviour's goodness.  I am grateful for the chance to unite in music with so many others in Institute as we share testimony and praise our Lord!  

-William Brooke
Seattle Institute Choir Director

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Seattle Institute! Classes are starting on Jan 7. Make this quarter the quarter the quarter you GET INVOLVED. Get involved in CLASS, in leadership COMMITTEES, in institute CHOIR, in building FRIENDSHIPS, in OUTREACH projects. In short, get involved in the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. 

For those who want to know "What is Institute?", see the video below, courtesy of the official LDS Institute webpage: