Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Institute is for Everyone

Institute has been an amazing experience! For a returned missionary to continue to be able to learn the scriptures in more depth as I loved to study on my mission, it definitely gives the entire package. The teachers are fantastic and they do a great job at preparing the lessons for each member of the class. It’s important each day to feast upon the words of Christ so that the Spirit will dwell within us. We are all children of God. Embarking on the service of Christ will keep us on the straight and narrow path to lead us back to Heavenly Father again. We need to stay strong and avoid temptation at all cost. Of course we’ll make mistakes and we’ll need to go through the course of repentance. But by reading the scriptures and understanding our purpose here on Earth, it will make the repentance process clearer and so much more meaningful for each of us. Going to Institute has not only increased my faith, but has set the foundation for how I want to continue to live my life righteously. Whether you have only gone to Institute once, or even not at all, I promise you the experience you will have just by attending will uplift you for the rest of your life. The blessings of the Gospel are endless. The more we strive to stay diligent to be the best we can be, Heavenly Father will provide ways to enrich our lives with endless happiness. I know this Church is true, and I know Jesus Christ died on the cross for each of us so we may repent and live with Him again. Institute is fantastic! Come and see for yourself!