Friday, November 16, 2012

Importance of Trials

In my institute class, "The Gospel and the Productive Life" this week, we discussed the importance of trials. In this class, we discuss how we keep a gospel perspective throughout our lives on a daily basis. Trials are important for us to go through because it allows us to grow spiritually and temporally. We also have the trials so we can share the lessons we learn with others. The class reminded me of many experiences that I have had where I had to learn to trust in the Lord that I would learn something from this and that it was important for me to go through. It was an experience that caused me to have my life flash before my eyes. I experienced the natural reaction of anger that this was happening to me. I knew that anger is not condusive with the spirit and so I tried to let it go. After battling with myself for probably an hour, I realized that I had two options. I could either be angry and ask Heavenly Father why, or turn to the Lord and find or figure out why it was happening and what I need to learn. If I had chosen to be angry, my ability to have the spirit with me would have diminished into nothing. I chose to figure out why, and came to find out it was an act of mercy. By knowing what my potential health issues could be, I came to appreciate my health even more. I came to understand what taking care of myself means. I was able to share my experiences with others who never would have been able to handle what I went through. Just like they have experienced things that I would never be able to go through. This gospel is an opportunity for growth and development that comes from our own experiences and that of others. May we be patient in Trials and may be always look for our own opportunities for growth.

I say these things in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

-Carole Stoddard

Saturday, November 10, 2012

"The king forgave 1.3 billion dollars"

On Tuesday morning Parables class taught by Brother Knowles, we talked
about two parables, the creditor forgiving the debtors found in Luke 7
and the King forgiving his servants debts found in Matthew 18.  Our
discussions in class are always insightful and this was no exception.
Brother Knowles had calculated that in our money, the king forgave
over 1.3 billion dollars.  We like the servant can not pay the debt we
owe our father, he knows that and will freely forgive us, when we ask.
The Atonement is there for us to take part in, and instead of trying
to do it ourselves, we need to remember that the Lord is willing to
help us out.

We also had some really great donuts to celebrate William's birthday
that we all freely partook of.

Lisa Dunham
Maplewood Heights Ward
Civil and Environmental Engineering Masters Student
University of Washington

Friday, November 2, 2012

Early Morning Treasures

Brother Knowles' early morning (well...8:30am) class on the Book of Mormon is so insightful!  
Last Tuesday we were talking about 2nd Nephi 2, what a powerhouse chapter! I am sure I have read that chapter 50 times before, but I never got so much out of it. One of my new favorite verses is 2nd Nephi 2:4 because Brother Knowles helped me understand that Lehi is saying that "Salvation is free for the taking".  I spent the whole day pondering that verse, and it was a great little pearl of scripture power to carry with me during school. 
--Janice Wright, Seattle YSA2