Monday, February 24, 2014

A Marvelous Work and a Wonder

We live at a time when there is much opportunity to refine our judgement due to the expanse of information at our fingertips. Everyone we communicate with has been educated by a variety of philosophies, and acquaint themselves with all types of people. In this situation, we are ask ourselves many questions about where we have been, where we ought to be, and where we plan to go. In fact, I would not hesitate to parallel our plight with that of Joseph Smith’s, where he found himself amidst a “war of words and tumult of opinions” (Joseph Smith History 1:10). Though the work of the adversary has never changed, and his mission to confuse and distort the truth has not stopped, there seems to be an increasing boldness in his work.

An increased boldness from the adversary has not come without response form the Lord. The Lord has instigated through his servants in these last days an incredible training program for his youth and single adults. Without even mentioning the missionary program, the CES program and the young men’s and young women’s programs are unparalleled in all of the history of the world. With this in mind we realize that we are in a much different station than Joseph Smith. The truth has been restored and access to the Holy Ghost or the “record of heaven” (Moses 6:61) is with us. We need only keep the commandments of the Lord and we will walk in his Spirit and be prepared to “kindle fire” and create “sparks” of light for ourselves and for others (2 Nephi 7:11).

As we learn and teach each other at institute, we equip ourselves with the sword of the spirit (Ephesians 6:17), a most necessary tool for learning the “peaceable things of the kingdom” that we may grow in wisdom and judgment (Moses 6:62). We can see the kingdom of God, and we acquaint ourselves with God that he may pour his power upon us and our posterity, for we live in a day when the powers from heaven (our ancestors) and the powers upon the earth (us) will combine to fulfill God’s covenant to Adam, Noah, and Abraham. We are being trained as earthly sentinels to stand before magistrates and declare with the boldness of a lion that we are acquainted with God and his people, and that He offers all women and men a mansion in his city. 

If God were to speak to us today, I would not be surprised if he were to say, “You are part of my marvelous work and wonder that I spoke of by Isaiah the prophet.” For we truly live in a day when “greater works” (John 14:12) are done than the works that were witnessed in Christ’s day. I am a witness. I have seen many maimed of spirit made whole. I have seen those lame of social confidence healed. I have seen many blind and deaf to the spirit made sensitive to the powers of heaven. We truly are a part of God’s marvelous work and wonder, and what an honor to stand together in such a mighty cause, and we do so because God "loved us first” (1 John 4:19) by sending His Son Jesus Christ to show mercy and compassion to all, and to redeem those who wash themselves clean and apply his atoning blood in their lives.

-Kyler Harmon

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