Friday, May 23, 2014

"Bear Up Their Burdens"

One talk from general conference that has had a spiritual impact on my life was Elder Bednar's talk titled "Bear Up Their Burdens With Ease." In the talk, Elder Bednar talked about how his friend and he were trapped in the snow in his pick up truck and could not get out until he acted and filled the back of his truck with wood that he cut. The wood provided weight that allowed his friend's truck to gain traction in the snow and release him from the trap of the snow. Elder Bednar compared this to our lives and how without any weight or "load" in our lives we are not progressing forward and are spiritually stuck. A point that has come to my knowledge is also that we don't overfill our truck beds. Later, Elder Bednar talked about how we need to be spiritually yoked with Christ in order for Him to help us with our burdens but we need to have the proper amount of traction that helps us to gain traction but not too much that strains our ability to feel Christ in our lives. Enough to test and stretch our faith but not too much that constricts us and does not allow us time to follow our highest priorities, God and serving others.

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